Kirsten Duncan

Just doing what comes naturally

Even in childhood I loved designing and creating stuff—toys, clothes, posters, lettering. As an adult I eventually figured out that there is this whole industry called graphic design so I got qualified, joined AGDA and haven't looked back.

Along the way I did a few other things—studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry, Oceanography and English, navigated Royal Australian Navy warships, hand-crafted haute couture wedding gowns, secretaried for investment banks and economists, wrangled infographics for the Prime Minister—and since 2011 have been the senior designer at Biotext.

I live in Canberra with my beautiful family and sing with award-winning choir The Resonants. So that's me in a nutshell.

To read the details of all of that (up to when I joined Biotext), download my CV. To see my stuff, click the menu links at top right.

Kirsten Duncan

What's new?

I'm still building and adding content to this website so don't assume you've seen it all!

19 Jun 2017: Updated Resonants posters including 'Home grown', 'Shining night' and 'Folk Christmas'.

25 Nov 2016: Added a whole new page about composing choral music.

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